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Evergreen Tree Service specializes in removing dead or unwanted trees from your yard. With over 21 years of experience, we have the skilled personnel and equipment to get the job done correctly and safely.

We perform tree removal services by first considering the tree’s size and location in your yard, and then determining the safest way to remove it given the clearing distance. Depending on the job, our methods for tree removal can vary. Our team will discuss with you how we will do the job so that you’ll know what to expect.

Tree removal goes hand in hand with stump removal. After a tree is removed, you’re left with a stump in your yard; consider using our stump grinding services after we’ve removed your tree.

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Dangerous Tree Removals

There are many reasons why a tree should be cut down. Sometimes, a tree can pose a safety hazard to your home or your neighbor’s home. Whether it’s a dead tree, one that leans at a dangerous angle, or one that could harm your home if brought down by strong winds or a hurricane, it’s best to trust Evergreen Tree Service to remove the tree.

Dangerous tree removals require a high level of expertise and ability to perform the job safely, which Evergreen Tree Service has perfected in our over 21 years of experience. We perform each dangerous removal job with utmost care for your home and property, and will outline the way we will perform the job so that you know what to expect.

Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is a large, tough job best left to professionals. Sometimes a plot of land has trees that are dead and rotted and need to be cleared out. Sometimes a lot needs to be cleared of trees to make room for future development. Whatever the case, let Evergreen Tree Service handle the job.

When it comes to lot clearing, there are a few things to take into consideration, such as the size of the property, deadlines, and other needs. Evergreen Tree Service works with you and your general contractor to meet those needs and clear your lot in a safe, timely, economical fashion.

Stump Grinding

Stump RemovalAfter a tree has been removed from your yard, it leaves a stump, which can prevent you from utilizing the space where the tree once was, and can also present a tripping hazard as well as a home for unwanted insects. Not only does stump grinding eliminate these problems, but you can also use the stump grindings to fill the remaining hole rather than filling it with expensive topsoil.

With our affordable stump grinding service, we remove the leftover stumps in homeowners’ yards, including root balls and overgrown root systems. We grind out all extra wood and roots while taking your landscape into consideration.

Before we start, we remove the tree as well as extra debris from your yard. Then we use a mechanical stump grinder that digs down and thoroughly removes the root system so that you don’t have to worry about regrowth.

Tree Trimming

Tree ServiceTree trimming is essential to the health of the trees in your yard, and enables trees to grow stronger and to live longer. A properly trimmed tree can even boost the property value of your home. Sometimes overhanging limbs can pose a safety hazard to your home or your neighbor’s home. Whatever the case, Evergreen Tree Service provides safe and affordable tree trimming services.

There’s more to tree trimming than just sawing off limbs; a successful tree trim is executed with the tree’s natural growth patterns in mind, as well as the tree’s basic physiology. Once those things are determined, the tree can be trimmed properly.

Evergreen Tree Service has over 21 years of experience in tree trimming and only employs the most professional and experienced tree trimmers, so you can be assured the job will be done safely and correctly the first time.

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Deer Park Texas Tree Service

Deer Park Texas

Evergreen Tree Service is based in and has worked with many families and companies in Deer Park Texas. Deer Park Texas was named after Simeon Henry West after the large number of deers that roamed the area. Deer Park began to grow as settlers arrived from the north. In 1893 the Houston and Northern Railroad Company was granted land to help bring in more settlers and travelers. Deer Park celebrated its 100th birthday in February of 1992. Today, Deer Park has approximately 10,000 homes and more than 32,000 residents.